Ultra-Aire DEH 3000 Digital Controller

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Requires Professional Installation

Precisely regulate the features of your Ultra-Aire Whole House Dehumidifier with the Ultra-Aire DEH 3000 Digital Controller. With its sleek design and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display, this controller allows you to monitor and control moisture levels, manage fresh air ventilation (with motorized damper) and activate air filtration, all from the convenience of your living space.  

Setup a fresh air schedule and customize fresh air when you need it by programming the the Ultra-Aire Digital Controller.  Avoid bringing fresh air into the home during mid-day when air is generally warmer, but bring in fresh morning and evening air when air is cooler and when you're more likely to be at home.  The DEH Digital Controller allows you to control when and how much fresh air is introduced into your home. Three damper operation modes are featured with the DEH Controller:

  • Open:  Opens damper, and dehumidifier fan continuously operates introducing fresh air into the space. air ventilation.
  • Closed:  Damper remains closed, and the dehumidifier will not ventilate in this mode.  The fan will operate normally for recirculation of air and dehumidification.
  • Programmed:   Motorized damper and dehumidifier fan operate according to the programmed ventilation schedule entered into the DEH Controller by the homeowner.

Additional Features of the DEH Digital Controller

  • Central Fan Integration - Provides for the operation of the A/C fan along with the dehumidifier operation.
  • A/C Sensor - Automatically activates or deactivates Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier when the air conditioner is running.
  • High Temperature Cut-Out - If household temperatures reach the maximum programmed setpoint, this feature disables the dehumidification process until household temperatures drop below the programmed temp.
  • Dry Out Cycle Timer - Automatic fan cycling to ensure dry and clean coils.
  • Auto Reboot - In the event of a power failure, this feature resumes operation of the Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier to prior programmed settings.
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Manual (DEH3000manual.pdf, 1,080 Kb) [Download]

Spec Sheet (DEH3000-spec.pdf, 770 Kb) [Download]

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