Santa Fe/Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier Risers (4039903)

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The Dehumidifier Risers are designed to elevate your Santa Fe/Ultra-Aire for enhanced condensate line drainage. Santa Fe/Ultra-Aire’s risers also provide a stable platform to install and level the dehumidifier for proper performance. Not only do they help with drainage, they help raise your Santa Fe/Ultra-Aire, allowing for proper installation of a condensate drain trap or pump.


  • Enhances drainage of condensate line
  • Provide stable platform for install
  • Added 6" elavation facilitates installation of condensate drain trap or pump

Compatible Products

  • Santa-Fe Advance, Advance90, Advance100, Advance120, Compact70, Impact 105, Impact155
  • Ultra-Aire 70H, 98H, 120H, SD12, XT155H, XT205H

What's In The Box?

  • Four Dehumidifier Risers (Dehumidifier not included with purchase)

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