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Santa Fe Impact XT/Dual XT Hang Kit

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Santa Fe hang kits can be used to suspend any horizontal Santa Fe dehumidifier in a crawl space, basement or attic setting. Hanging a Santa Fe dehumidifier provides protection from potential flooding in crawl space or basement applications, offers the ability to free up floor space, reduces possible vibration in an attic installation, and also provides additional height for proper condensate drainage / removal.

Parts Included: (4) Ratchet Straps, (2) Brackets, (4) Eye Bolts (3/8 x3-7)

Tools Required: Tape Measure, Level, Screw Driver (Phillips or Regular) to use as leverage for Eye Bolts, Screws for TJI joists (only applies if you have TJI joists)

        Optional Tool: Power Drill with 1/4" Drill Bit (to pre-drill Eye Bolt holes),

Note:  It works with Impact XT and Dual XT units only


Accessory Type:
Hang Kit
Santa Fe

Manual (SF_Impact_XT_Hang_Kit_Manual.pdf, 1,335 Kb) [Download]

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