Quest Hi-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier

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  • Removes 195 pints/day (80°F, 60% RH)
  • Uses only 13.1 amps

The HI-E DRY 195 high efficiency dehumidifier is designed and built with emphasis on efficiency and durability. The HI-E DRY 195 removes 183 pints of water per day at a rate of 5.9 pints per kilowatt hour in an 80°F and 60% RH environment, while the industry average remains at only two to three pints. The high-efficiency design of the HI-E DRY 195 offers more than just dramatically reduced utility costs. The larger water removal capacity from a smaller, more efficient refrigeration system eliminates the need for 220 volt circuits in many applications. The smaller refrigeration system allows HI-E DRY 195 to cost less than other commercial dehumidifiers of equal capacity.

The Quest HI-E DRY Model 195 features a dehumidistat controller with settings from 20 to 80 percent relative humidity and a positive "on" and "off" setting. A blower switch permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification. The unit is portable and has four casters. The internal condensate pump is capable of lifting condensate 17 feet, and 20 feet of condensate hose is included. 

The Quest 195 is an update to the Hi-E Dry model. What can you expect?

  • Small Design: Smaller and more compact design than the previous model.
  • More Efficient: Not only does it remove more moisture in lower temperatures, it also removes more moisture per kilowatt hour. The updated model pulls 5.9 pints/kwh.
  • Better Filtration: The updated 195 comes with a MERV 11 filter instead of the MERV 8.
  • More Powerful Airflow: At its highest fan and power speeds, it moves air through your dehumidifier at 610 CFM, instead of of 540 CFM from the original 195-pint model.



Part Number:   4036710
Power:   115 VAC, 13.1 amps
Blower:   610 CFM
Capacity (24 hrs.):   195 pints
(80°F / 27°C, 60%)
Temp. Range:   40°F (4°C) – 110°F (43°C)
Warranty:   5 Year Limited
Product Dimensions
Width:   20" (50 cm)
Height:   42" (107 cm)
Depth:   19" (48 cm)
Weight:   130 lbs (59 kg)
Blower Output :
610 cfm
Quest Hi-E Dry
20"W x 19"L x 42"H
Humidstat :
Max Coverage:
9500 ft²
Max. Moisture Removal :
93 litres/day
Max. Moisture Removal (US) :
195 pints/day
Operating Range :
40°-110°F (4-43°C)
Power Draw :
13.1 amps
Pump Out :
  • Pool & Spa
130 lbs
Shipping Weight:
145 lbs

Manual (Quest-hi-e-dry-new-195.pdf, 1,260 Kb) [Download]

Spec Sheet (HI_E_Dry_195-new-.pdf, 403 Kb) [Download]

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