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Dri-Eaz DriTec 4000i Reactivation Ducting Kit (108412/F550)

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Durable replacement ducting for the 4000i. Proper ducting of reactivation air is required for desiccant use. This ducting offers rugged construction, durable heat-resistant materials and a long service life.


  • Dimension:  6 inch diameter × 20 foot length
  • Construction: Metalized polyester with coiled steel spring 
  • Included:  Duct clamp 6" × 0.5" clamp with worm drive
  • Item Numebr: 108412 (F550)


Please note: Do not operate the DriTec 4000i without the specified reactivation ducting in place. Do not use any other type of ducting. Other ducting materials, sizes and lengths are not suitable for this application and may create a hazard or impair performance.

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